Thursday, May 7, 2009


You wrote this to me..
It makes me wonder,
Is that true??
Will it be like what it means??

When I look at the people around me,
Ask them...
Observe them...
I've learn something.
Being involved in a relationship can be a happy "thingy";
At the same time,
It may leads you towards the pathway where you can neither find happiness nor satisfaction.

Frankly speaking.
I'm so confuse right now.
I doubt.
I doubt.
I doubt.
Yet I still can't get the answer.

I was so stunned when I heard you mentioned this.

" Though sometimes I feel frustrated when you stop me from doing XXX, but actually, I'm glad that you are here to control me! Else, I'm afraid that I'll do something unpredictable and return to the bad old me! "

Such a shocking thing to hear this.

I'm controlling somebody?
Does anyone under my control?
Am I actually controlling somebody?
Since when I'd transformed from an ordinary university girl to a monster mistress?
God knows.

I don't wish to control anyone.
Especially you...
Just be who you are.
Show the real you to me.
I don't wanna see the fake you.

Dear god,
Does he change because of me, but not because of himself?
Does it mean that, he will become naughty again if I'm not here?
Why? Why? Why?
I don't see your sincerity...
I don't sense your intention...
I'm not forcing you...



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