Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Semester . New Challenges.

3 weeks break had eventually came to the end.
It means, another new semester has begun.

Well.. normally..

There are pros & cons when a new semester starts.

- I'll be more discipline.. NO MORE waking up late.. ( 6am instead of 12 noon)
- Control my diet.. attending lectures will somehow "destroy" my mood of food consumption.
- More ethical while spending $$. ( no mood to go shopping when there are loads of stuffs to work on..etc,assignment, tests, quizzes...)

...list goes on...

-My sexy panda eyes will pop-out more frequently due to insufficient of rest
-Although my diet is control, but.. the impact is the same. Why? Coz we will eat more snacks / junks during lecture.. (no choice, lecturer & lecture are extremely bored!! huhu~~)
-Bigger hole in my purse.. (gotta buy text books, pay fees, stationary...)

...and the list goes on...

So, pros / cons... who cares?!
What is being concerned is that,
How am I going to survive through the rest of the 14 weeks?

God knows...I guess...


  1. Elaine said...
    oh well.. let's welcome the panda eyes.. O.O.
    rambo said...
    haha.. nice.. by the way, good luck~
    Sherryn said...
    Nice panda eyes...It will look good on all of us...><
    choonhong said...
    My semester begins soon too, hopefully i will have enough sleeping time

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