Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Melbourne 2009

Back from Melbourne last week.

Year 2009 had eventually ended.
And here it comes year 2010.
Which means..I am getting mature at the same time.
Alright. No worries.

My visit to Melbourne was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.
Nice food.. friendly citizens.. beautiful scenery.. relaxing weather..
arrgghh..you name it..
People there are mostly stress-free..which is good though.. (well, from my observation)
Imagine.. no stress.. how nice yea..

These are some photos for sharing...

*The Scenery*

-The Twelve Apostles-

*My Family & I*

- At Sovereign Hill-

-on the way to Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road-

-Sis & I-

-the entrance for the gold mining tour-

-bro & I, posing before the mining tour-

-the real gold-

-the old train-

-in the train-


-koala in the poster-

-koala on the tree-


-Me posing with the kangaroo-


-extremely fresh milk-

-Chris, the friendly man is demonstrating the way to shave a sheep-

-the little house (outside view)-

-the little house (inside view)-

The last thing which I find it very interesting was the...

"Hanging House"

-picture taken on the way to twelve apostles-


  1. jas_natelie said...
    wow.. tatz so cool~ wat a great experience!! realy shud plan trip to go over diff places, experience diff culture uh.. =)
    kenwooi said...
    you went to melbourne!
    that's nice!
    always wanna go to aussie.. one day! =D
    rambo said...
    nice place... (but where is my gift xD)
    Elaine said...
    nice place & experience. time for me to start saving money for holiday there.

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