Friday, January 8, 2010


Have been thinking & planning on how to celebrate my 21st birthday this few day.
(although I know it is way too early to think about that..)

No choice..
Daddy's idea and mine seem to have a little different.

I do not feel like celebrating it actually.. (after having a deep thought)
Well, perhaps just a few close friends, coming over for dinner...
having some chit-chats at the night cafe...etc...

I was told by someone: "Hey, 21st birthday happens to be a very important stage in life. U shouldn't just make it so simple."
aha? Really?
What's more!? My birthday is on the 3rd day of CNY.
What the...
That makes me even harder to meet with my friends.

Daddy is nice.
He wants to celebrate this big day for me.

Should I just do whatever is being arranged?
Or, should I just follow my own will?

Any idea...anyone??
*thanks in advance* ^^


  1. 瑜颖 said...
    I love your idea.

    having close friends over for dinner and chit chat is enough.

    chris_lim said...
    yup yup, dinner and long talk is nice.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    thanks for the idea..
    Elaine said...
    Let's cook together.
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, Holy Smoke! Your 21st birthday coming soon. WhooooHoooo!
    CELEBRATE IT, Yee Lin!

    This year will never come again and make your dad happy, let him plan it for you.
    Hey, father's love daughters...its their baby girl.
    All fathers love daughters....he will be extremely happy if you tell him, "okay dad, its all yours".

    And who knows, there might be a BMW 335 Coupe in red, all gift wrapped with a gold ribbon your birthday morning? Never can tell. He gave you a piano, so?

    I know a couple of Asian girls, one an only child, one was a twin, other half a boy.
    Both had the shock of their lives when opening their windows and downstairs, one had a Mercedes coupe, one had a red BMW.

    Nice to have rich loving fathers.
    I received a Hercules bicycle for my 12th birthday and a Norton Motor Cycle on my 21st birthday....
    hey, I'm the only son, ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend, Yee Lin and stay beautiful, Lee.
    Sherryn said...
    u can discuss it with ur dad n c whether u guys can come up with something...
    Btw, I'm back in Melaka...^^
    Anonymous said...
    I think no need to celebrate...
    jz sleep from morning until nite...

    so good!!

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