Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Day When I turn 20s!

20 Years Old.

Yep. Getting older.

Water has grown into an older age, which people will say...
"Hey you! You are no longer '1' for your age. Now, you have changed to '2'.." Then..they will probably end with a laughter.

Is that really funny?

To me, well...although celebrating birthday each year can be nice and kinda excited,
There are some hidden meaning as well.

> Getting mature, means you can't play like a kiddo anymore.
> More responsibility, means you have heavier burden as well.
> Will get along with more and more people, means people from different culture,
society, personalities...ect... (more complicated one)
> Have to make own decision...

Lots more..
I shall say,
They are uncountable.

I'm very thankful to God this year,
as I have many nice, sweet, friendly people around.
These people,
They are whom we call as,
~True Friends~

They are whom I can refer to when I need a helping hand.
They are whom I share my laughter with.
They are whom I walk side by side in facing difficulties.

Shall take this opportunity to say this,
"Thank you so much to all my fellow friends."

No matter where they are from,
Class mates, church members, ex-school mates, internet friends, blogger...etc...
Having everyone of you as my friend has brighten up my life.
Friendship forever!

P/s: Thanks for coming to my birthday celebration. Love ya~~

~~Some photos taken during the party~~

...Class Mates... LoVe... ^^ members... sweet...^^

...Girls... From left: Hui Lu, LingLi, Me, Sherryn

Oh oH..Mr.Ben was there too! Muacks~~

2 cakes.. (I have 2 cakes every year..Yuhoo~)

With Another to-be- birthday girl, ah Suh..

Ladies.. Pretty right? ^^

Whoa..everyone is too into the music till didn't realise I'd captured a picture of them. Haha..

Left: Jacky, Mummy, Jacqueline, Suh, and I

Jas & I.. Friends Forever! (where were we looking huh?!)

We enjoyed ourselves that night.
We ate, sang, chat, gossip,....etc...

See you guys next year! (that will be a better party i guess..)


  1. Elaine said...
    I had a great time at your place that day. All the best in whatever you are doing. :)
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks...GOD BLESS
    jas_natelie said...
    u're tagged!!! check my blog

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