Saturday, January 3, 2009

Water-The Slave!

I was wrong!
Suppose to be a good day for me today,
but look...what happen?? It's becoming worst...and worst...

How long can I still bear with her??

What's wrong with you huh??
Wondering sometimes... there MUST be some unique chromosomes in your body,
otherwise, you should not behave like that, so weird..

Perhaps...that is what we call,
True...human being behave like that all the time...
Which is why, a saying goes like this, (maybe it's my saying...^^)
"To understand a person, you need to invest your time,"
"To understand a woman, you need to invest your money!" makes sense isn't it?

an unique creature created by God two thousands years ago.
so hard to understand thoroughly...
Maybe, only God knows what women are thinking.

Back to the story.

why? why?
Sometimes you are being so nice and good,
yet sometimes you are so angry and fierce,
just like a...weirdo.
An uncontrollable machine, which is hard to predict what will happen next.
I'm just like a slave of yours, worrying all the time,
whether you are happy, or angry, or sad and so on.
woi..I didn't get paid and serve you like a queen, you know!
I'm just doing what is supposed to be my responsibility.

I mean...
It's Okay if you appreciate what I'd contributed.
I can continue to serve you more. It doesn't matter.
But, NO. You don't seem neither contented nor satisfy,
Instead, you show me all kind of faces.
Flat, round, square..etc..
I don't want all that faces!
Throw away those clown face. Hate it!
Understand this, I'm a human too.
We have certain limits, once it reaches the limits, well..still acceptable.
BUT, once it goes beyond the limits,
I'm not so sure what will happen then.

You can be better, can ya?

It's all fated that we have to run the same blood type.

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  1. * Berry Jac * said...
    this is the blog where u say everything eh..??
    It's so good...


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