Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day one In second blog

I've sucessfully created this 2nd blog.
Sorry friends..I can't open up my first blog to anyone.
I'm just so sorry.
Anyway, I'll start to write my "ups & downs" here........
Starting from this very moment.
Oh yaya..
I really feel like sharing this music video to all of you there.
It's from a rock band from Taiwan-They are called the Mayday.
They are rocks wei...
Mm...i guess I'll upload the clips here some day after. ( if I manage to find it ^^)
And the title is "你不是真正的快乐" . (direct translate will be: You're not truly happy??" haha)
This is really an amazing song. 4 stars++ for this. Not 5 stars because nothing is perfect.
Well, should take an opportunity to listen to this.
You will never regret about it!

Okay, basically..that's what about my very brief introduction for being here the 1st time.
Hopefully...I manage to pop up with something differently and amazingly next time.

P/s: Thanks to ee lin and jasmine..who has given me courage to start with this 2nd blog! Tq.


  1. Elaine said...
    Hi, Yee Lin. all the best 4 ur 2nd blog.
    yee lin said...
    Haha~~ Thanks lin.

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